ICON Branding Studio was approached by the energy drink company, Buffalo, to help refresh its brand and better connect with its target audience. After conducting market research and analyzing the brand's current positioning, ICON Branding Studio developed a new brand strategy that focused on inspiring and energizing the uncompromising generation of tomorrow to live to the fullest.

To bring this strategy to life, ICON Branding Studio created a new visual identity for Buffalo, including a refreshed logotype, typography, color palette, and pattern illustrations. They also developed new taglines and icons that conveyed the brand's adventurous and nature-inspired personality.

In addition to the visual elements, ICON Branding Studio worked with Buffalo to redesign their product packaging and design layouts. The new look and feel were natural, refreshing, energetic, and better reflected the brand's promise to be good to the planet and always inspire others to do more.

Overall, the rebranding efforts by ICON Branding Studio helped to better position Buffalo as a trusted and loved brand and helped to differentiate them in a crowded energy drink market. The new brand elements have been successfully rolled out across all marketing channels and have allowed to drive brand awareness and sales for Buffalo.