ICON, a leading digital agency in the UAE and MENA Region, was approached by Xcube to develop a campaign to increase awareness and drive downloads of their app. Xcube is an application that allows users to access the Dubai Finance Market, be informed about the latest listed companies, and invest with the potential for passive income.


The objective of the campaign was to increase downloads of the Xcube app, promote investment opportunities, and attract new users to the Dubai Finance Market.


ICON's strategy for the campaign was to use a combination of creative copywriting, digital marketing, and design to create a compelling and engaging message that would resonate with the target audience. This included the use of social media, email marketing, and online advertising to reach a broad audience and drive downloads of the app.


To execute the campaign, ICON's team of copywriters, designers, and digital marketers worked closely with the Xcube team to create a cohesive and effective message. This included developing eye-catching graphics and videos, crafting engaging copy that highlighted the benefits of the app, and leveraging social media to reach a wide audience. Additionally, ICON's team used their expertise in CGI and innovative design techniques to create a visually stunning campaign that stood out from the competition.


The campaign was a success, with the Xcube app seeing a significant increase in downloads and new users. Additionally, the campaign helped to increase the app's social media presence and drive more traffic to the Dubai Finance Market. Overall, ICON's creative solutions helped Xcube to achieve their key performance indicators, enhance the customer journey, spread awareness, and drive sales.