As part of our branding process for YARN, we began by conducting market research to understand the competitive landscape in the property management technology industry. This included identifying key players and their offerings, as well as gathering insights from potential customers on their needs and preferences.

Next, we worked with the YARN team to define their brand positioning and messaging. We focused on highlighting YARN's ease of use, integration, and customization capabilities, as well as their commitment to innovation and trustworthiness.

To bring this positioning to life, we developed a visual identity that reflected the brand's tech-savvy and energetic personality. This included a modern logo design and a color palette that conveyed a sense of sophistication and innovation.

In addition to the visual identity, we also created brand guidelines to ensure consistency in all of YARN's marketing and communication materials. This included guidelines for tone of voice, typography, and imagery, as well as recommendations for social media and website design.

Throughout the branding process, our team at ICON BrandingStudio worked closely with the YARN team to ensure that their vision for the brand was brought to life in a way that resonated with their target audience. The result is a dynamic and compelling brand that is well-positioned to succeed in the technology industry.